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Foglight for VMware Horizon View 7.1.0 - User Guide

Manage desktops in virtual environments Interact with Foglight for VMware Horizon View dashboards Reference

Manage desktops in virtual environments

This guide provides information on how to investigate the performance of your desktop virtualization environment using Foglight® for VMware Horizon View. Read this guide straight through in an effort to acquire an overall understanding of the workings and capabilities of Foglight for VMware Horizon View, or use it as a reference whenever you require specific information about this product.

This section introduces you to Foglight for VMware Horizon View and provides essential foundational information:

Foglight for VMware Horizon View overview

Foglight for VMware Horizon View monitors a virtual desktop environment, providing performance metrics, alarms, and alerts to help you better manage your environment, from user desktops to related infrastructure.

Foglight for VMware Horizon View gathers extensive performance metrics and presents that data in a graphical interface, utilizing architectural diagrams, graphs, and drilldown screens to quickly identify virtual desktop problems. This allows users to browse through their virtual infrastructure to identify desktop performance, connection, and infrastructure issues.

It fully supports VMware®, vCenter®, and vSphere® environments.

Foglight for VMware Horizon View elements

Foglight for VMware Horizon View provides monitoring capabilities so that all elements of a virtual desktop environment are considered. A typical VMware View environment contains one or more user sessions and related infrastructures:

View Infrastructure. The VMware View infrastructure is composed of one or more connection servers, transfer servers, and security servers.
User Session. Shows the connected users, their session details, and the session type (for example, VDI user session, Terminal Server, or physical desktop). Each user has one or more sessions.
vSphere Objects. This underlying infrastructure is broken down by cluster, datastore, ESX® hosts, and resource pools.
Desktops. Shows the resource utilization values for a selected VM, Terminal Server Host, or Physical Host.
Horizon Pools. Shows the health of pools in the View Instance.

You can view the overall state of all these components on the VMware View Environment dashboard. For more information on this dashboard, see Use the VMware View Environment dashboard.

Navigation basics

This section describes the basic Foglight for Hyper-V navigation techniques necessary for using Foglight for VMware Horizon View:

For more information about Foglight for Hyper-V navigation, see the Foglight User Guide and Foglight Administration and Configuration Guide.

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