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Download ApexSQL Database Power Tools for VS Code 2020.02.18


Release: 2020.02.18
Date: July 07, 2020

- Search for objects within MySQL and MariaDB databases.
- Quickly find MySQL and MariaDB objects in ApexSQL server explorer.
- Save object search results to HTML, CSV, JSON, and XML.
- Show MySQL Server users in the ApexSQL server explorer tree view.
- Generate Create, Change password, Drop, Grant privileges and Show privileges statements for users.
- Show system databases in a separate node of the ApexSQL server explorer tree view.
- Query execution on system databases.
- The Execute button is added in the query editor.

- The "{NULL}" value appears in the empty cells when export results in the HTML format.
- The Export to CSV does not work correctly for the values that have a comma (,) punctuation mark.
- Connection name in the ApexSQL server explorer pane does not change automatically when the connection in the Connect to server dialog is updated (edited).
- Wrong tooltips for the SSH and SSL tabs in the Connect to server dialog are shown.
- "Server already added" message is shown when trying to connect to different MySQL server on the same host with SSH protocol.
- Wrong syntax for the Drop index statement is generated when the Show DROP script command is used.

- The extension now supports Visual Studio Code 1.44.1 and higher versions.
- The query results pane now appears at the bottom of the query editor.

Document Title
ApexSQL Database Power Tools for VS Code 2020.x Release Notes and Requirements.pdf
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