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Customers under current support maintenance contract can download their relevant installation below


Release Date Download
Rapid Recovery 6.2 Core X64 Installer 4/16/2018
Rapid Recovery/DL 6.2 Core Web Installer4/16/2018


Release Date Download
Dell Server BIOS R630/R730/R730XD Version 2.5.510/5/2017


Release Date Download
Intel C600/C610/C220/C230/C2000 Series Chipset Drivers 8/2/2017


Release Date Download
Dell 64 Bit uEFI Diagnostics, version 4239 8/2/2017
OS COLLECTOR 2.1 8/2/2017

Fibre Channel

Release Date Download
Dell Firmware DUP for QLogic 25XX Fibre Channel adapters8/2/2017
Dell Firmware DUP for QLogic 26XX Fibre Channel adapters8/2/2017
Dell Firmware DUP for Qlogic 27XX series adapters8/2/2017
Emulex Network and Fibre Channel Adapter Diagnostic Software. 8/2/2017
Emulex Network and Fibre Channel Adapter Drivers and Software Application8/2/2017
Emulex Network and Fibre Channel Adapter Firmware.8/2/2017
QLogic QCC Application for Windows10/5/2017
QLogic QConverge Console (QCC) Applications8/2/2017


Release Date Download
Dell 13G PowerEdge Server Backplane Expander Firmware 3.3510/5/2017
Non-expander Storage Backplane Firmware 8/2/2017

iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller

Release Date Download
Dell Lifecycle Controller Integration 3.3 for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 8/2/2017
IDRAC with Lifecycle Controller V


Release Date Download
Broadcom NetXtreme Family of Adapters HTML Users Guide for the 20.6 update. 8/2/2017
Broadcom NetXtreme-E Network Device Firmware and Configuration 20.6.110/9/2017
Broadcom Windows 64bit driver update for NetXtreme Ethernet adapters for the 20.6.1 update. 10/9/2017
Intel NIC DOS-based diag utility and Option ROMs. 8/2/2017
Intel NIC Family Version 18.0.0 User Guide8/2/2017
Intel NIC Family Version 18.0.0 Drivers for Windows 64-bit Operating Systems 8/2/2017
Intel NIC Family Version 18.0.0 Firmware for I350, I354, X520, X540, and X550 adapters10/9/2017
Intel NIC Family Version 18.0.0 Firmware for X710 and XL710 adapters10/9/2017
QLogic 64 bits Windows Drivers8/2/2017
QLogic BCM57xx and BCM57xxx Users Guide, family version
QLogic FastLinQ Network Adapter Device Firmware8/2/2017


Release Date Download
Delta 1100W PSU (PN: Y26KX, PR21C, W12Y2) Firmware Package10/10/2017
Delta 750W PSU (PN: 5RHVV, V1YJ6, G6W6K) Firmware Package10/10/2017
Delta 750W Titanium PSU (PN: 57TFT, KNHJV) Firmware Package10/10/2017
Liteon 1100W PSU (PN: Y3H8J, TFR9V, 9TMRF) Firmware Package 8/2/2017
Liteon 750W PSU (PN: 953MX, HTRH4, 8H33M) Firmware Package 10/10/2017


Release Date Download
Dell 12Gbps HBA firmware version
Dell HBA330 Mini firmware version
Windows Server 2012 R2 Driver version for Dell 12Gbps HBA and HBA33010/6/2017


Release Date Download
Dell PERC H730/H730P/H830/FD33xS/FD33xD Mini/Adapter RAID Controllers firmware version
Windows 2012 R2 Driver 6.604.06.00 for PERC H330/H730/H730P/H830/FD33xD/FD33xS Controllers 8/2/2017


Release Date Download
Dell Backplane8/2/2017

Solid State Storage

Release Date Download
Dell Express Flash NVMe PM1725 PCIe SSD firmware release 10/11/2017
Dell Express Flash NVMe SM1715 PCIe SSD Adapter by Samsung firmware release 8/2/2017
Dell Express Flash NVMe SM1715 PCIe SSD firmware release 8/2/2017
Dell PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSD Firmware Release8/2/2017
Windows Server 2012 R2 64 Bit Driver for Dell PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSD.10/11/2017

System Management

Release Date Download
DELL EMC Driver Pack For Windows OS, v.17.07.0010/11/2017
Dell iDRAC Service Module 2.5.1 (For Windows) 10/11/2017
Dell iDRAC Service Module DUP 2.5.110/11/2017
Dell Repository Manager ,v2.2 8/2/2017


Release Date Download
Matrox Video Driver 8/2/2017