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Toad Data Point 6.1.2 - Installation Guide

User Authentication in Intelligence Central

Toad Intelligence Central (TIC) allows users to access remote databases and other remote sources that typically require a user login ID. To facilitate this, each data source connection in TIC must have a login ID to use when accessing its remote data source. TIC uses authentication keys as a way to store and provide this login information for each data object's data source.

Authentication Keys

An authentication key (login ID) is created when a data source is mapped to TIC. This process occurs each time a data object is published from a remote data source.

Authentication Key Types

Toad creates two types of keys: Personal Authentication and Shared (public).

  • A Shared (public) key is bound to the data object and can be used by any user to access the data object.
  • A Personal Authentication key is stored per user and must be specified by each user for each data object to which they require access. Each user must provide their own personal credentials (user name and password) for the data source.

Note: This feature is available in the Toad Data Point Professional edition only and requires access to a Toad Intelligence Central server.

Specify Key Type When Publishing to Intelligence Central

You specify a key type when you publish an object to Intelligence Central. The type of authentication key you create determines who can access the object. Datasets do not require a key.

If you create a personal Authentication key

  • A user must have a login ID for the remote data source to access the object. If a user is accessing the data object for the first time, Toad will prompt the user to set an Authentication key for the data object by providing their user name and password to the remote data source. Then an Authentication key is created for that user/object combination.

If you create a Shared (public) key

  • Access to the data object is seamless for all TIC users (with which the object is shared). The default credentials are automatically provided by Toad.

    Tip: Use a Shared key to provide access to data objects for TIC users who do not have permission to access the remote data source.

Providing Username and Password

  • Personal Authentication Key—When you create a personal Authentication key when publishing an object, Toad automatically provides your user name and password to the remote data source (gathered from the connection used to publish the object). Each user who wants to access this object will provide their own personal user name and password when they set their Authentication key for this data object.
  • Shared (public) Key—When creating a Shared (public) key, provide the user name and password (of an existing account) to be used as the default credentials. Toad will use these credentials to automatically allow any TIC user access to the data object. Users will not be required to enter credentials for a data object that has a Shared (public) key.

    All users will be able to view the shared user name, but only you (as the key creator) will know the shared password.

    Note: The owner of an object and users with Manage privileges can modify a data object's Shared (public) key.

Providing Security Tokens

Toad supports the use of the Security Tokens for log in to a Salesforce remote data source. When creating an authentication key for a data source, you must enter your security token along with your user name and password.

Setting Your Authentication Key

Intelligence Central users must authenticate each data object that requires a personal Authentication key to view. Toad prompts you to enter your user name and password to the remote source the first time you attempt to access (query) a data object in TIC that requires a personal authentication key.

See Alter Authentication for more information about the Alter Authentication dialog.

Note: In the Object Explorer, you can see only the data objects that you own or that have been shared with you.

Icon Description What To Do

You own this object or you have been granted Visibility privileges.

If this object has a Shared (public) key, no action is required to access this object.

If this object has a personal key, you must authenticate to access the object. Select the object and click .

You own this object or you have been granted Visibility privileges.

This object has a Shared (public) key.

No action required to access this object.

You must have Manage privileges to refresh.

Dataset No action required to access this object.

To set your Authentication key

  1. To set your Authentication key, select the object and click . The Alter Authentication dialog opens.
  2. Enter your user name and password to the remote data source.
  3. Click Execute.

Note: Datasets do not require an Authentication key.


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