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Toad Data Point 6.1.2 - Installation Guide

Security Options

Use these options to specify a master password that is used to encrypt any saved passwords used when connecting to a database. This provides an additional level of security for protecting your password.

Note: This topic focuses on information that may be unfamiliar to you. It does not include all step and field descriptions.

To set security options

  1. Select Tools | Options |Environment | Security to set the options.
  2. Review the following for additional information:

Master Password section Check Use master password for storing passwords to enable additional encryption. Input master password and set the timeout after which user will be prompted to enter master password.
User Access Control section

Check the option and set the time period after which UAC is going to be verified.

Note: The section is only visible if you are running on Windows 7 or later.

Internet Access section

Check the option to disable Internet access from Toad.

Note: You can also disable Internet access from Toad using a Registry setting. In the Registry under Toad Data Point (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\Toad Data Point\version number), add NOINTERNET and assign one of the following values:

  • To disable Internet access from Toad, assign a value of 2.
  • To instruct Toad to prompt you to disable/enable Internet access each time you launch Toad, assign a value of 1.

In 64-bit OS, Toad Data Point Registry settings are under the Wow6432Node Registry node.



  • To navigate to the directory where option settings are stored, click the Application Data Directory link in the About dialog (Help | About).

  • To search for a partial or complete option name or value, use the Search field at the bottom of each Options page. See About Options for more information.


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