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Toad Data Point 6.1.2 - Installation Guide

Execute SQL on Multiple Servers/Instances

You can execute a script in the current Editor window against multiple servers or multiple instances on a server. For example, if you need to add new tables to your company's development and test databases, you can execute the same script against both databases at the same time using this feature.

Note: This feature does not support cross-platform execution.

To execute scripts against multiple servers/instances

  1. Enter the script in the Editor window.
  2. Select the Group Execute tab on the left side of the Editor window.

    Note: To display the Group Execute tab, select Editor | Windows | Group Execute

  3. Select Enable in the Group Execute pane. This action displays your defined connections in the Group Execute pane.
  4. Select the connections to execute the script against.
  5. Click .
  6. Results for all connections display in the Results pane. To display results for an individual connection, select the connection in the Group Execute pane. To display all results again, select the connection type node again.


  • To show/hide the Group Execute pane by default, go to Tools | Options | Editor | Tools.
  • When saving an Editor file where Group Execute is enabled, Toad defaults to saving the file as a Toad Editor File (.tef). If you save as this file type, the selected connections group, script, results, and any filters are also saved in the file.


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