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Toad Data Point 6.1.2 - Installation Guide

Background Processes

Use the Background Processes pane to monitor and stop SQL statement execution, database object retrieval, and web page retrieval.

When a statement is executing, a process task and progress bar display in the Background Processes pane. A separate progress bar displays for each statement that is currently executing. In addition, a progress bar displays in the Status bar located at the bottom of the Toad application window. You can click this progress bar to open the Background Processes pane.

To view or stop background processes

  1. Select View | Background Processes from the main menu (ALT+V+A).
    • To stop a single process, click to the right of the running process.
    • To stop all processes, click in the Background Processes toolbar.
    • To display the Query Builder or Editor window associated with an executing statement, click its running process in the Background Processes pane.

      Tip: A progress icon displays in the tab of the document window associated with an executing statement. This allows you to quickly see which windows have executing statements.

To configure Background Process notification

  1. Select Tools | Options | Environment | General.
  2. You can specify whether or not to display a notification in the Taskbar when a process is finished.


If the Use individual connection for each open editor option in Tools | Options | Editor | General is not selected, and you run multiple processes from multiple Editor windows using the same connection in the background, the statement from the initial process must complete before the statement in the next Editor begins because the connection is shared between Editors.

You can specify that each Editor use a separate connection by making sure this option is selected in the Toad Options. See General Editor Options for more information.


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