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Toad Data Point 6.1.2 - Installation Guide

About Google Analytics Data Sources

Google Analytics is one of the Business Intelligence data source connections supported by Toad. To create a connection to access your Google Analytics data, see Create Google Analytics Connections.

Toad provides a tool to build a multi-dimensional pivot grid to help you view and query Google Analytics data. See Create Google Analytics Queries to learn to build Google Analytics Queries.

Toad Automatically Maps Object Metadata

When you create a new connection to a Business Intelligence or NoSQL data source, Toad automatically maps the data source objects. Toad gathers metadata from these objects which is cached (in a hidden table) and retained between sessions for one week. After one week, all objects are automatically refreshed.

During this initial mapping process, Toad maps only metadata. The actual data in each column is mapped as needed, such as when you execute a query.

Manually refresh object metadata

You can manually refresh object metadata at any time. In the Object Explorer, right-click an object and select Refresh All.

Considerations and Limitations

Consideration / Limitation Description
Objects in Object Explorer

The Object Explorer displays the Google Analytics Account Views that were mapped by Toad, either when the connection was initially created or when the objects were refreshed.

In addition, the Object Explorer displays the Queries you create and save using the Database Explorer (Viewer). See Create Google Analytics Queries for more information.

Queries are stored in Local Storage The Queries you create and save are stored locally in Local Storage. Therefore, you cannot share your Queries with others, and you cannot access the Queries created by other Toad users.
Date Range You must always include a date range when working with Google Analytics data in the Query Builder or the Database Explorer (Viewer).
Metric and Dimension restrictions A Google Analytics Query must have at lease one, but not more than ten, metrics and not more than seven Dimensions.
Quotas and limits Google has put in place certain collection limits and quotas for all Google Analytics collection tags, libraries and SDKs. For more information, see
Max character limit Toad maps up to 255 characters per VARCHAR data field.
Delay when executing query Google Analytics columns and data are mapped as needed. Because of this, you may experience a delay when attempting to view columns and data or when executing a query.
Read-only Google Analytics connections are read-only. You cannot create Account Views using Toad. You cannot import data into a Google Analytics data source from Toad.


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