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Toad Data Point 6.1.2 - Installation Guide

About Business Intelligence and NoSQL Data Sources

Note: This feature is available in the Toad Data Point Professional Edition only.

Toad provides users with the ability to create connections to non-traditional data sources, such as NoSQL and Business Intelligence data sources. These connections are different than traditional database connections.

In most cases, when connecting to these non-traditional data sources, the user is accessing data through an exposed presentation layer rather than connecting to the underlying database objects. The look and organization of data in the exposed layer is different than in a typical relational database and varies depending on the data source.

Toad supports the following data sources:

Business Intelligence

Business Objects | Google Analytics | OData | Oracle BI Enterprise | Salesforce | SharePoint | SQL Server Analysis Services


Azure Table Service | Cassandra | Cloudera Impala | DynamoDB | HBASE | Hive | MongoDB

Using Business Intelligence and NoSQL Data Sources

You will find that you can use much of the functionality in Toad to explore data objects, to query data, to report results, and to automate workflows from these non-traditional data sources, with some exceptions. Review the following special considerations before using these data sources.

Considerations and Limitations - All Data Sources (Except Impala)

The following apply to all Business Intelligence and NoSQL connections except Cloudera Impala.

Consideration / Limitation Description
Mapping data source objects

When you create a new connection to a Business Intelligence or NoSQL data source, Toad automatically maps the data source objects. Toad gathers metadata from these objects which is cached (in a hidden table) and retained between sessions for one week. After one week, all objects are automatically remapped.

Exception: For Hive connections, cached metadata is retained until manually refreshed.

Note: To manually refresh the metadata, right-click an object in the Object Explorer and select Refresh All.

During the initial mapping process, Toad maps only metadata. The actual data is mapped as needed, such as when you execute a query.

Organization of objects When you view the objects in a NoSQL or Business Intelligence data source (in the Database Explorer for example), the organization may be slightly different than a traditional database and will vary depending on the type of connection.
Code-completion list The code completion treelist reflects the organization of the exposed objects in the data source, and presents the objects you will want to use to compose a query. However, the treelist may look slightly different than what you would expect to see for a traditional database connection.
Composing cross-connection queries The fully-qualified name format used for NoSQL or Business Intelligence connections in a cross-connection query statement is different than that used for traditional database connections, and varies depending on the type of connection.
Delay when executing query Because columns and data are mapped as needed, this may cause you to experience a slight delay when performing tasks such as executing a query or viewing columns and data in the Database Explorer.
Filtering in Database Explorer The Filtering function in the Database Explorer is disabled for all NoSQL or Business Intelligence data source connections.
Data Compare Data Compare is not available for NoSQL or Business Intelligence connections.
Read-only NoSQL or Business Intelligence connections in Toad are read-only. You cannot create or alter data source objects (except objects created and stored in Toad, e.g., Analysis Services Queries). You cannot import data to NoSQL or Business Intelligence data sources using Toad.

Considerations and Limitations - Specific Data Sources

For a list of considerations that apply to a specific data source, see one of the following.

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