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Foglight for Databases 7.1.0 - User Guide

Editing templates

Alarm templates consist of a set of domain-specific rules that trigger alarms when the configured conditions are met. When editing alarm templates, you can either edit the template details (name, description, applied domains) or edit the alarms and alarm parameters.

Click Edit.
Make changes in the Alarm Template Name and Description field as required.
To change domains to which the template should apply, click the Domains dropdown. Select or clear domains as required.
Click Save.
Toggle the On/Off setting.
Hover over the alarm to view the edit icon . Click the icon.
Click Apply to save changes, or the X to cancel.

Attaching Targets to Templates

Alarm template targets are infrastructure objects monitored by Foglight. By default, every target is monitored by the factory template. To change the alarm rules monitoring a target or set of targets, you can attach those targets to a different alarm template.

Click Add Target. A list of available targets for that domain will be displayed.
Filter by type - Some domains offer the ability to filter targets by type. While the specific target types available differ by domain, the method to select a target type is the same. To filter by target type, click the Type drop-down and select the desired target type. Only targets of that type will be displayed.
Search - You may use the search function to filter targets to show only targets matching the search string. When searching for targets, Foglight will display matches for the search term in any field (Target, Current alarm template, Type, and Host).
Select the desired targets. Click Add Selected Target(s).

Removing Targets from a template

Targets can only be attached to one template. To delete a template or assign a target to a new template, you must first remove it from its current template.

Once a target is removed from a template, it will be monitored according to the rules of the domain default template. If the removed target has a parent object, and that parent object is assigned to a template, then the removed target will be monitored according to the parent object’s template.



Deleting a template

Before deleting a template, make sure that all assigned targets have been removed. See Removing Targets from a template.

Click Delete.


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