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Download ApexSQL Source Control 2022.01.2131


Release: 2022.01.2131
Date: October 10, 2022


-The activation model is switched to Subscription
-The application does not support integration into SQL Server Management Studio 2012, 2014, and 2016 versions

Known issues:

-Objects containing Windows reserved words in their name and committed to source control with the 2021.01.2063 or 2021.01.2072 add-in versions are shown in the Action center tab as non-existing on both sides and history for those objects is not accessible
-An object containing special characters in the schema name is shown as non-existing on a database side in the Action center tab after the initial commit is finished
-"TortoiseSVN version is not supported" message is shown when the Browse for folder button is clicked in the Source control setup window when working with the TortoiseSVN client version higher than 1.9
-Excluded objects present only on the source control repository are shown in the Action center tab after SQL Server Management Studio is restarted

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SHA256: 973be22d56e09c197b9183d9fe4809c819ba518d2edd4d9d722a04b88ced5673

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ApexSQL Source Control 2022.x Release Notes and Requirements.pdf
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