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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Database Explorer Privileges

Your user privileges within the database server are reflected in Database Explorer. If you do not have access to a database, the database icon will be dimmed and no sub-items will be available.

When you expand the first component of the tree you will notice that the database icon is either gray or green, to indicate which databases you have access to.

Access to the system catalog table, syscomments, is needed to view SQL text for procedures, triggers, views, default and rules objects. If you do not have access to the syscomments system table, a message "SQL Text unavailable" will be presented in the Text tab.

Note: For Adaptive Server, you are able to access the syscomments system catalog table by turning the "select on syscomments.text" parameter on, use the command:

sp_configure "select on syscomments.text", 1


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