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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Abstract Plan (SQL Scanner Tab)

The Abstract Plan page on the SQL Scanner tab of the Preferences window allows you to include the retrieval of the abstract plan for the SQL statements. This requires Adaptive Server 15 or later.

Dump abstract plan (Default = cleared)

Specify whether to retrieve the abstract plan for the SQL statement whenever the query plan is retrieved. The abstract plan displays in the SQL Scanner window. The abstract plan is not saved on the database.

When this checkbox is selected, the selected abstract plan icon image\I_AbstractPlanGroup.gif and the abstract plan group name display on the bottom right of the main status bar.

Note: For third-party package applications, you are able to optimize SQL statements without changing the source code by saving the abstract plan.

Group name (Default = blank)

Specify the abstract plan group name where the abstract plans are saved. The default groups names in Adaptive Server are: ap_stdout and ap_stdin. These groups are usually used by the Database Administrator to enable server-wide abstract plan capturing and retrieving.

ap_stdout is used by default to capture an abstract plan.

ap_stdin is used by default to retrieve the abstract plan associated with a SQL statement during the execution of the SQL statement.

Abstract Plan Manager button

Opens the Abstract Plan Manager window to view, create, and modify abstract plan group.


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