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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.8 - Installation Guide

Performance Monitor Functions

Below is a list of available functions within the Performance Monitor window.

Button or Menu Function

View Menu

image\B_HideConsoleTree.gif image\B_ShowConsoleTree.gif

Show Console Tree/Hide Console Tree

View Menu

image\B_LockChart.gif image\B_UnlockChart.gif

Lock Chart/Unlock Chart

View Menu

image\B_VerticalBarChart.gif image\B_HorizontalBarChart.gif

Vertical Chart/Horizontal Chart

View Menu

image\B_PreviousChart.gif image\B_NextChart.gif

Previous Chart/Next Chart

Monitor Menu


Manual Refresh Data

Monitor Menu

image\B_Monitor_PM.gif image\B_AbortMonitor_PM.gif

Start Monitor/Stop Monitor

Database Menu

image\B_ConnectDatabase.gif image\B_DisconnectDatabase.gif


Right-click Menu

Copy Chart

Right-click Menu

Print Chart

Right-click Menu

Save Chart


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