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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - Installation Guide

Retrieve the Run Time for a Group of SQL

The Batch Run function is used to retrieve run times for a group of index-set and SQL alternatives. You can then evaluate run-time results to determine the best performing alternative.

To setup and start the Batch Run

  1. Click image\B_BatchRun.gif.

    The Batch Run Criteria window is divided into the following tabs:

    Selected SQL/Index Set

    SQL Termination

    Batch Termination

    Run Time Mode/ Repeat Test

    Batch Run Schedule

  2. Select the batch run criteria.

  3. The settings can be saved for next optimization by selecting the Save settings for next batch run checkbox. By default, this checkbox is unselected.

The Batch Run window displays the run-time criteria and posts the run time for each alternative as it is retrieved. Stop Current and Stop Batch Run functions are available to terminate the currently running alternative and to stop the Batch Run process. Each selected SQL statement is executed one by one, retrieving the run time unless it is terminated.

Terminate Batch Run

To terminate the complete batch run process

Click image\B_AbortBatchRun.gif.

To terminate the current SQL statement

Select SQL | Stop Current.

New Database Session

When you log on to SQL Optimizer, it extracts the logical structure of the database, and maintains this connection throughout the application execution. Another database session is required for when executing the SQL statements for retrieve the run time. This connection is established when the Run for First Record, Run for All Records, or Batch Run functions are initiated and then this new session is dropped after the execution is complete.



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