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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Release Notes

Tablespace Analysis drilldown Containers tab

The Containers tab on the Tablespaces drilldown provides information about the physical storage devices on which the selected tablespace is defined.

Container list contents

The container list provides the following information for each container in a grid format. Since you can choose to hide, display, and rearrange any column in the grid, some columns below might not appear in your current list view, or be in the order they are shown here:



Name Name of the device, directory, or file that is the container.
Partition Partition number of the database partition on which the tablespace or buffer pool is defined.
ID Internal identifier of a container.
Accessible Identifies accessible containers.

Specifies how the container is managed:

  • SMS directory path —System-managed space
  • DMS file spec —Database-managed space
Size Size of a container in megabytes.
Pages Size of a container in pages.

Percentage of the container space that the database manager can use to store data.

Note: Each device can have only one container defined. To avoid wasted space, you should make the size of the device and the size of the container equivalent. For example, if the device is allocated with 5000 pages and the device container is defined to allocate 3000 pages, then 2000 pages on the device are not useable.

File System ID Unique identifier for a file system.
File System Size Total size of a file system
File System Used Amount of space used on a file system.
Stripe Set Number of the stripe set to which a container belongs.


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