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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Release Notes

Database Manager Summary drilldown

The Database Manager Summary drilldown displays global summary information about all active databases and partitions in the DB2 for LUW (Linux, Unix, and Windows) instance you are monitoring. In a single-partition environment, only the All Nodes data is presented.

Note: For detailed information about a particular database or database partition, use the Databases drilldown.

When you select a specific database or database partition from the list, a set of tabs appear in the lower half of the window. These tabs contain additional details and activity statistics about the specific database, allowing you to drill down for more information about a problem.

Monitor heap considerations

If monitor heap failure becomes a problem, use this formula, taken from the IBM System Monitor Guide and Reference, to adjust the MON_HEAP_SZ parameter.

( number of monitoring applications + 1 ) * ( number of databases * (800 + ( number of tables accessed * 20 ) + ( (number of applications connected + 1) * (200 + (number of tablespaces * 100) ) ) ) ) / 4096

The main drilldown grid

You can click any column header at the top of the grid to sort the database list by the contents of that column. Sorting the list by the various status and interval measurement columns can help identify problem databases. You can also rearrange the order of the columns, and hide columns in the grid to put focus on the information you want to view.

The summary information that the Database Manager Summary drilldown displays is as follows:

Agent Requests

Coord Agents HWM

Piped Sorts Requested

Agents Created due to Empty Pool

Gateway Connections

Post Threshold Joins

Agents from Pool

Gateway Connections HWM

Post Threshold Sorts

Agents Idle

Gateway Conns Switches

Private Memory

Agents Overflows

Gateway Conns Waiting Client

Remote Connections

Agents Registered

Gateway Conns Waiting Host

Remote Conns in Execution

Agents Registered HWM

Local Connections

Service Level

Agents Stolen

Local Conns in Execution

Sort Heap Allocated

Agents Waiting


Sort Heap HWM

Agents Waiting HWM

Piped Sorts Accepted

Freeze First Column

Sub drilldown tabs

The following tabs appear on the Database Manager Summary drilldown to provide additional information about a selected database or database partition:


Agent Activity


Memory Pools





System Resource


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