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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Release Notes

Database Analysis drilldown Caching tab

The Caching tab on the Database Analysis drilldown graphically depicts the utilization of the various resource caches (memory areas) maintained for each database. These caches include package cache, catalog cache, the SQL workarea , and buffer pools—all of which enhance the performance of the database when their respective hit rates are high. Usually the hit rate is the ratio of retrieval requests that were satisfied by data already in the cache to the number of all requests—those satisfied by the cache plus those that required a disk read. (This ratio is expressed as a percentage in the various graphs on this tab.)

If you identify a cache utilization problem for a specific database on this tab, you can use the Caching tab on the Client Application Analysis drilldown to identify those applications that are contributing to the problem.


Use the following graphs to follow cache performance over consecutive monitoring intervals:


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