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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Release Notes

Client Application Analysis drilldown Details tab

The Details tab on the Client Applications Analysis drilldown provides the following information about the selected application:

  • Identification details about the application

  • Application status

  • The amount of time the application has spent on various activities during the last monitoring interval

Application information

The Application Information section lists information describing the application:

App OS User ID

Database Path

Comm Protocol

App Code Page

Status Current

Comm DRDA AS Token

App Country Code

Status Change

TP Client User ID

App Assoc Agents

Client Name

TP Client Workstation

App ID

Client Product ID

TP Client Application

App Auth ID

Client Process ID

TP Account String

App Name

Client Agent ID

App Type


Client Platform

Workload ID

Database Alias



Application details

The Application Details sections provides statistics about the application:

App Agent ID

Last UOW Start

Prvt Wrkspc Section Lookups

App Assoc Max Agents

Last UOW Stop

Prvt Wrkspc Section Inserts

App Agents Stolen

Max Shared Workspace Size

OLAP Total Functions

Status Priority

Shrd Wrkspc Overflows

OLAP Function Overflows

Connect Start

Shrd Wrkspc Section Lookups


Connect Complete

Shrd Wrkspc Section Inserts


Comm Inbound Address

Max Private Workspace Size


Statistics Reset

Prvt Wrkspc Overflows




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