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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Getting Started Guide

Workload Management Analysis drilldown - Workloads tab

The Workloads tab on Workload Management Analysis drilldown shows real-time information about each workload defined on the current database. DB2 workloads are objects to which database connections are automatically assigned. Connection attributes determine to which workload a specific connection is assigned.

Once a connection is assigned to a workload, DB2 Workload Manager can apply thresholds and resource controls to manage the execution of activities in the workload. The Workload Manager can also collect data about individual database activities and about the workload as whole to help you troubleshoot performance issues currently occurring and to avoid similar issues in the future.

Workload Summary Details

The tab lists the workloads currently defined in your Workload Manager environment on the database. These include both user-defined and system default workloads. Expand a workload node to view the following summary statistics collected for the workload at each database partition:



Coord Act. Queue Time Avg (DB2 9.7 and later)


Last Reset

Coord Act. Queue Time Stddev (DB2 9.7 and later)

Concurrent HWM

Coord Act. Lifetime HWM (DB2 9.7 and later)


Concurrent Act. HWM

Coord Act. Lifetime Avg (DB2 9.7 and later)


CoordAct. Completed

Coord Act. Lifetime Stddev (DB2 9.7 and later)


CoordAct. Aborted

Coord Act. Exec Time Avg (DB2 9.7 and later)


CoordAct. Rejected

Coord Act. Exec Time Stddev (DB2 9.7 and later)


Information About Specific Workloads

To access in-depth information about a specific workload, click its entry and view any of the following sub-drilldowns:

Shows details and statistics for each occurrence in the workload (that is, each database connection assigned to this workload). View the attributes used to assign the connection to the workload, the current status of the occurrence, and the volume and success and failure rates of its activities.

Provides details about the agents handling activities associated with occurrences in this workload.

Threshold Queues
Lists statistics for queued activities across all occurrences in the workload. These statistics include queue times and sizes.

Workload Activity
Graphically depicts activity totals for the workload across all occurrences in the workload.


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