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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Getting Started Guide

Workload Management Analysis drilldown - Work Classes tab

The Work Classes tab on Workload Management Analysis drilldown shows real-time summary and drill-down information about each work class defined on the current database.

A DB2 work class is a database object that groups activities by their work type, such as READ, WRITE, CALL, DML, DDL, LOAD, or ALL. Work classes help the Workload Manager identify activities in a workload. However, to activate a work class, you must assign at least one work action to it. (See the help for Work Actions tab.) Work actions associated with the work class actually manage the identified activities.

Work classes are grouped in work class sets so that you can isolate multiple types of activities related to a certain area of work (for example READs and WRITEs involved large queries).

Work Class Summary Details

The tab lists the work class sets currently defined in your Workload Manager environment on the database. Expand a work class node to view the work classes assigned to it. The following information displays for each work class:

Set Name -- The name of work class set to which the selected work class belongs.

Class Name -- The name of the selected work class.

Information About Specific Work Classes

To access in-depth information about a specific work class, click its entry and view any of the following sub-drilldowns:

Shows details about each activity currently associated with this work class.

Threshold Queues
Shows details about each threshold queue containing activities associated with this work class.


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