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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Getting Started Guide

SQL Workarea graph

If overall the SQL workarea hit rate for the database is low, this graph tells you whether the selected application is contributing to the problem.

About the SQL workarea

Agents have access to a SQL workarea where the working copy of any executable section is stored. In partitioned databases, all non-SMP agents share this area. In other environments and with SMP agents, each agent has its own unique SQL workarea .

The following parameters control the size of the SQL work area:

Agent type/environment

Configuration parameter

Non-SMP agents in partitioned database environments


Agents in all other environments


SMP agents in all environments


The graph

The SQL Workarea graph contains a single series, Hit rate This series plots the percentage of lookups in the SQL workarea (at the application level) that were satisfied by statement sections already residing in the workarea .

The graph title area shows the number of SQL workarea inserts and lookups that occurred for the application during the last monitoring interval.

For related statistical information

The Statistics tab contains entries for all the SQL workarea statistical counts used to generate this graph. The names for these statistics begin with Section. These statistics are derived from the APPL_SECTION data elements that the DB2 snapshot monitor captures.


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