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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Getting Started Guide

Spotlight on IBM® DB2® LUW drilldowns

Drilldowns display detailed information about the system that you are monitoring. Each drilldown contains a series of reports and graphs that provide you with specific information about the components of your system. The statistics that are available help you identify and anticipate performance problems.

Note: The drilldowns listed below are specific to Spotlight on IBM® DB2® LUW. Other Spotlight applications have their own individual drilldowns.


For information on drilldowns in general, see the topic Components and Drilldowns in the Spotlight basics help. For information on accessing drilldowns, see the topic To view drilldowns. (To open the Spotlight basics help, select Help|Contents.) 

For further information, see the following drilldowns:

  • DB2 Instance—Opens the instance home page, which shows real-time performance information for the instance that contains the database or database partition currently selected in the Spotlight browser.

  • Database Manager Summary—Shows global summary information about all active databases and partitions in the DB2 instance.

  • Client Application Analysis—Shows statistics about the applications currently running at the DB2 instance or database level.

  • Database Analysis—Shows statistics about the databases in the DB2 instance.

  • Tablespace Analysis—Shows statistics about the tablespaces to which a database is mapped.

  • Top SQL—Shows statistics about the SQL statements currently executing or recently executed on the DB2 instance.

  • Buffer Pool Analysis—Shows statistics about buffer pools configured for a database.

  • FCM Analysis—Shows a breakdown of message buffer traffic for the instance you are monitoring.

  • Workload Management Analysis—Reports information about the Workload Management (WLM) environment for your database.

  • Diagnostic Log—Lists diagnostic log, notification, and event records for a database.

  • Operating System—Shows statistics about the performance, processes, and storage on the server.


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