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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Evaluation Guide


1.In a browser, open the target web application. Check the corresponding library on your target web application as the one that you altered on the source and confirm that the document you uploaded to the source has been replicated over to the target. Replication may take a moment to complete, if this is the case, refresh the page until you see the replicated item on the target.


In this scenario you:

?Added content to one web application in the form of a new document, uploaded it into a library, and had it replicate over to the other web application.


Monitoring Replication Events

This scenario demonstrates how to monitor the progress of replication and to see the contents of a replication package.

1.Open Central Administration for the source web application in a browser window.

2.Click Application Management.

3.Under Metalogix Replicator, click Monitor Replicator and then select the Packages tab.

4.In a web browser, open one of your web applications.

5.Make a change by either uploading a document or changing the title of an existing document.


1.On the Monitor Replicator page, under the Packages tab, click Refresh. An entry for the package will be shown. Click Refresh until the Global Status of the package is "Completed". This means that replication to the target is complete.

2.Click on the Map Name to see the specific events that are included in the package.


Confirm that the package details show a ListItemAdd or ListItemUpdate event for the document that was uploaded or modified above.

In this scenario you:

?Monitored the progress of replication using the Replication Monitor page.

?Viewed the contents of a package using the Replication Package Details page.

For more information about monitoring replication from this page, see the Metalogix Replicator Reference Guide.


Replicating a Web Part (Look and Feel)

This scenario demonstrates the abilities of Replicator to replicate look and feel changes to your SharePoint environment. It will do so by adding a list web part:        

1.In a web browser, open the source web application.

2.Edit a page and add a list view web part for a list on the site.

3.Save changes.

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