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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

Table 22: Version compatibility known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Database backups created with LiteSpeed Version 8.x cannot be restored using older versions of LiteSpeed. However, backups created with previous versions of LiteSpeed can be restored with LiteSpeed 8.2. N/A

Table 23: Installation known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
LiteSpeed Console is installed, even if it not selected with the 32-bit installer. LS-1841

Table 24: Console known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

On Windows 8.1, console logging cannot be enabled when UAC is enabled. The workaround is to run LiteSpeed with the “Run as Administrator” option to enable console logging.


Table 25: Backup and restore known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Mirroring is not supported for TSM backups. 49305
LiteSpeed incorrectly writes successful backup details to the SQL Server error log or event viewer if DBCC TRACEON (3226) is run with the backup. These details are not written for a native backup. 38972

On using LiteSpeed Automated Restore to restore an old backup to the source database, automated restore chooses older backups with a higher LSN number in preference to newer backups created after the restore.

Workaround: Remove all the backups from old the database (created before the restore) from the backup folders scanned by Automated Restore.


Table 26: Activity logging known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account must be added to the sysadmin server role on the local instances of SQL Server 2012 or higher in this very rare scenario:

  • The central repository is on the same server as the Local repository and
  • You selected Local System on the Service Account wizard page of the Instance Configuration Wizard and
  • You selected to use Windows authentication for the repositories.

Otherwise, the local instance will not report to the central repository.

Workaround: Instead of adding NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account to the sysadmin server role, you can either provide a Windows domain account on the Service Account wizard page or use SQL Server Authentication for the local and central repositories.


Table 27: Backup Analyzer known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

The LiteSpeed Backup Analyzer backs up the requested amount of data for analysis and then automatically aborts the backup process. This generates VDI error messages in the LiteSpeed SQL Server error log. Please ignore them.

Backup Analyzer shows success empty results in case of failed connection to a cloud. LS-2012

Table 28: Log shipping known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
The publisher and subscriber servers must have the same version of LiteSpeed. 52230
In the native SQL Server 2000 log shipping plans, if the monitoring server is not the same as the subscriber server, information about the restore time is based on the restore job history and may be different from the actual restore time. 98644

On uninstall of LiteSpeed 8.1 followed by install of a modern LiteSpeed, logshipping jobs do not point to the new executable path.

Workaround: At the logshipping module, select the plan and right-click on its name. Click convert to LiteSpeed plan.


Table 29: Maintenance plans known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Legacy native plans on SQL Server 2008 may fail due to Microsoft backward compatibility issue. See 60281

LiteSpeed does not support regular expressions with the IgnoreCase option. To ignore case, use ([Aa][Bb][Cc]) instead of (?i:abc.

.Net Framework 4.5 has an UI issue: editable fields may show incorrect values. It applies to Maintenance Plans. Solution: upgrade .Net Framework to 4.5.2 version. LS-1844

Table 30: Log Reader known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
User information displays only for operations in sessions that are currently active. The online log and backups do not contain user information and only contain the SPID for the transaction. 37112
Log Reader does not support row-level and page-level compression. N/A

Table 31: Object Level Recovery known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Restore of a table with default values after adding a NOT NULL column to the existing table will result in an error in the case of using Direct Mode (the issue is related to SQL Server 2012 and higher). Workaround: use Bulk Insert recovery mode. 119733
If there is data of variant type with size > 7991 in the table data, recovery using Bulk Insert will result in a BCP internal error: " The column is too long in the data file for...". Workaround: use Direct Mode for data recovery. 119732
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