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NetVault Backup Plug-in for MySQL 11.4 - User Guide

Introducing NetVault Backup Plug-in for MySQL Installing and removing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Backing up data Restoring data Working with native MySQL replication Using the plug-in in a Failover Cluster environment Troubleshooting

TTS only restore scenarios

Selected the Shutdown MySQL Server and Copy Back… option on the Options tab.
Entered a regular expression pattern in the Include Tables field to indicate which tables to include in the restore.
Example of Include Tables field: database_name\.
Example of Rename Table field: original_name to new_name

Additional step for Linux and UNIX environments

If you are using MySQL Enterprise Backup in a Linux or UNIX environment, verify that the file-ownership and permissions information for the restored data matches what it was before the data was backed up. Because the mysqlbackup script does not record this information during the backup process, the information might be different after the restore is completed. For more information, see

Using advanced restore procedures for MySQL Standard/Community

This topic describes other restore operations that you can perform with the plug-in for the MySQL Standard/Community option.

Renaming a database during a restore

NetVault Backup lets you select a backed-up MySQL database and rename it for a restore so that it does not overwrite the existing version of that database. This process can be useful when creating a copy of an existing database. To accomplish this process, perform the steps outlined in the following topics.

Before conducting a restore rename, review this list of known limitations and intended uses for this operation:

In the Navigation pane, click Create Restore Job, select Plug‑in for MySQL from the Plugin Type list, select the applicable saveset, and click Next.
On the Create Selection Set page, select the database that you want to rename.
From the Actions list, select Rename.
In the Rename/Relocate dialog box, enter the new name in the Rename to box, and click Ok.
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