Rapid Recovery release designations consist of up to four parts. Each part consists of a set of numerals separated by a decimal point.

  • Major releases are specified by the first numeral. These releases include dramatic changes to UI, the repository, or application behavior.
  • Minor releases are specified by the numeral following the first decimal point. If this number is greater than 0, it is part of a minor release. Minor releases introduce new functionality that is smaller in scope than the types of changes included in major releases.
  • Maintenance releases are specified by the numeral following the second decimal point. If this number is greater than 0, it is a maintenance release. Maintenance releases correct previously identified defects or behaviors. Maintenance releases may also reflect changes (additions and deprecations) in supported operating system or application platforms.
  • Build numbers (typically between 3 and 5 digits) are specified by the fourth set of numerals. This part is used to differentiate versions of the software program generated during the development process.
    • For the   Agent software, build numbers may differ between Windows and Linux versions. If the first three parts of the release number are identical, interoperability between the Core and Agent with different build numbers is not affected.
    • Updated builds of the same software release may be made available within a release cycle. Therefore, if your Core is set to automatically update the Agent version on protected machines, you may see differences in build numbers for a single release. These differences will not negatively influence functionality.
    • Difference in build numbers does not affect replication when the target Core has the same or a more recent build installed than the source Core.

The release designation for this release,, therefore represents the following: The first digit shows this version as part of the 6.x major release. The digit after the first point (4) shows this release as the fourth minor version in 6.x. The 0 after the second point shows this is the first generally available release within 6.4 (a 1 or higher would signify a maintenance release). Finally, the build number identifies the release down to the lowest level and is generally only referenced in release notes.