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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

Transform and Cleanse Options

Use the Transform and Cleanse Options dialog to specify options for this Transform and Cleanse session. Values specified in this dialog override the global settings specified in Tools | Options | Environment | Transform and Cleanse.

To specify transform and cleanse options

  1. Click Edit Sample in the Transform and Cleanse window (upper-right corner).
  2. Specify options for the current session. Review the following for additional information:

    Options Tab  


    Specify the number of rows to sample in this transform and cleanse window. The default is always 1000 rows.

    Error Options

    Use this section to specify options to be used in error handling, when rules applied lead to errors/exceptions in the data.

    Always export rows with exceptions to—Select this option to export exception rows to a .csv file whenever a rule creates errors/exceptions in data. Then specify a location in which to save the .csv files. An Error zip file and individual .csv files for each exception-generating rule are exported to this folder. For more about error handling in Transform and Cleanse, see Exception Handling.

    Numeric columns—Specify a default value to use as the error value in numeric columns.

    DateTime columns—Specify the default value to use as the error value in datetime columns.

    Text columns—Specify the default value to use as the error value in text columns.

    Query Tab

    Displays the query used to send data to the Transform and Cleanse window.

    • Click to preview data.
    • To modify the underlying query for the dataset, modify the query and click OK.



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