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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

Profiling Options

Use the Profiling Options dialog to specify options for this profiling session. You can select which types of analysis to perform on all data or for each column. Use this dialog to change the number of rows sampled.

Values specified in this dialog override the global settings specified in Tools | Options | Environment | Profiling. See Profiling Options.

To specify profiling options

  1. Click Edit Profile in the Data Profiling window (upper-right corner).
  2. Specify options for the current profile. Review the following for additional information:

    Options Tab  


    Specify the number of rows to sample in this profiling session. The default is always 1000 rows for a new profile. This data displays in the All Data tab.

    Data Options

    Select the types of analysis to perform on sampled rows. You can reduce processing time by selecting only the required analysis.

    Tip: You can specify analysis types on a per-column basis in the Columns tab.

    • Basic Analysis—Always selected.
    • Distinct Analysis—Processes distinct, duplicates, non-unique, unique, and repeated rows.
    • Pattern and String Analysis—Pattern analysis of string values.
    • Domain Analysis—Identifies a matching domain and domain patterns.
    • Enable Drill-Down of Actual Values—Select this option to display the sampled data.

      • If this option is not selected, the All Data and Selected tabs do not display.
      • Deselect this option to reduce the file size of the Toad Profiling Report.

    Save As—Select this option to automatically save the profiling results as a file after the processing is finished. The results are saved as a Toad Profiling Report file (.tpr). Browse to and select a location in which to save the file.

    Query Tab

    Displays the query.

    • Click to preview data.
    • Modify the query and click Profile Now to profile a new set of data.
    Columns Tab

    Allows you to specify which types of analysis to perform on a per-column basis.

    Only analysis types selected in the Options tab are available.

  3. Click Profile Now to profile data using the options you specified.


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