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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

Format SQL

Use the Formatter to modify the layout of SQL in the Editor, including inserting a header block, adding or removing extra lines, and changing the case for keywords.

Click one of the following links to view a video about Basic or Advanced formatting features.

To preview the look and layout of the available formatting styles, go to Tools | Options | Editor | Formatter. See Formatter Options for more information.

To format SQL

  1. In the SQL Editor, click the drop-down arrow beside and select a formatting style. Or select Editor | Format Code and select a style.
  2. Then click to apply the style to the contents of the Editor window.
  3. To format a partial statement, select the SQL you want to format and click to apply the specified style.

Additional Details

  • You can click in other editor windows to format code. The style currently specified in the SQL Editor (or in the Options dialog) is applied.
  • You can create a new custom template to use to format code in Tools | Options | Editor | Formatter. See Formatter Options for more information.
  • You can also specify custom formatting options for the available templates in Tools | Options | Editor | Formatter.
  • You can change or view the location where the formatting templates are stored in Tools | Options | Editor | Formatter.
  • To automatically format SQL you send from the Object Explorer to the SQL Editor, go to Tools | Options | Explorer | General and select Automatically format generated SQL. See General Explorer Options for more information.



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