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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - User Guide

Analyze Joins

Toad provides a tool to help you analyze and visualize joins. This feature is available in the Query Builder and the Database Diagram (ER Diagram) and allows you to profile data based on the relationship between tables. Use this feature in conjunction with Data Profiling to help you assess data content and quality.

After building a query in the Query Builder or a diagram in Database Diagram, simply click on a join to view a Venn diagram and a data grid. The Venn diagram allows you to visualize how values (rows) are distributed within the joined tables. The data grid displays the data represented by the selected segment of the Venn diagram.

To analyze joins

  1. Build a query in the Query Builder (or a diagram in the Database Diagram).
  2. Add or modify joins, as necessary. See Join Columns for more information.
  3. In your diagram, click on the join you want to analyze.
  4. The Analyze Join pane opens displaying the Venn diagram of the join. Click on a segment of the Venn diagram to display the data represented by that segment.
    • Overlapping areas of the Venn diagram represent values common to both tables.
    • Exclusive areas of the Venn diagram represent values exclusive to one of the tables.
  5. If the join is a Cartesian join or if it is not a good relationship, this is indicated in the diagram.


  • Click to refresh the diagram or to deselect a segment.
  • Click to enlarge the Analyze Join window.

Considerations and Limitations of Analyze Join

Consideration/Limitation Description
Some data sources are not supported The Analyze Join feature does not support the following data sources at this time: Google Analytics, Salesforce, Oracle BI Enterprise, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and OData.
Toad Views are not supported You cannot use Analyze Join with Toad Views.


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