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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - Installation Guide

View Your Intelligence Central Notifications

When a user publishes an object to Intelligence Central and shares it with you, Toad logs a notification for you. If a user shares a previously-published object with you, a notification is logged for this event as well. You can view your notification when you connect to the Intelligence Central server where the object was published. Notifications are displayed in the Notifications tab in the Object Explorer.

You can view only the notifications for the user name used in the connection. Because objects are not shared with the root user, if you connect as root, the Notifications tab is not visible.

In addition to a notification, you might also receive an email when an object is published and shared with you. The publisher can elect to send an email to all those with which the object is shared. See Publish to Toad Intelligence Central for more information.

To view unacknowledged notifications

  1. Connect to Intelligence Central.
  2. If you have unacknowledged notifications, Toad displays the number of notifications to the left of the open connection in the Connection/Navigation Manager.

    Note: If you applied a color-coded category to your connection, the color displays behind this number.

  3. To view your notifications, select the Notifications tab/node in the Object Explorer. Notifications are grouped by date. Each notification provides the object name, object type, and other object details.
  4. Right-click the notification and select View Details to view more information, such as the sender and Manage rights.
  5. To view the shared object itself, double-click the object name to go directly to the object in the Object Explorer.
  6. To refresh the list of notifications, right-click within the Notifications tab and select Refresh Item.
  7. If a notification is logged during your open Toad session, an alert displays in the lower-right of your screen. Alerts are displayed for open connections only.
    • Toad checks the Intelligence Central server for new notifications regularly. The number of new notifications is displayed in the alert.
    • Click on the alert to open the Notifications tab to view the new notifications.
  8. To filter the list of notifications, enter a partial text string in the Object Explorer filter field, or click to create and save an advanced filter. See Filter Databases and Objects for more information.

Tip: Right-click a notification and select the object name to display a sub-menu of actions to perform on the object, such as send it to the Query Builder.

To acknowledge (remove) a notification

  • Right-click the notification and select Operations | Acknowledge Notification. The notification is removed from the list.
  • To remove all notifications in a folder, right-click a folder and select Operations | Acknowledge All.


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