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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - Installation Guide

Publishing from Excel or Local Storage

Data originating from an Excel file, Local Storage, or an Access database can be published to Toad Intelligence Central (TIC), but only as a dataset because these data sources are unmappable.

To publish from an unmappable data source to Intelligence Central

  1. Launch the Publish to Intelligence Central dialog. See Publish to Toad Intelligence Central for more information.
  2. In the Publish Type field, Dataset is the only option available.
  3. Specify the remaining publishing options.
  4. When finished, click Publish to publish the data as a new dataset in TIC.

Publishing a Cross-Connection Query Containing an Unmappable Data Source

You can publish a cross-connection query that includes a connection to an Excel file, Local Storage, or an Access database. The data from the cross-connection query is published as a data object in TIC. In addition, the data from the Excel file, Local Storage, or Access database is published separately to TIC as a new dataset, and is used by the main published object.

Data in the Dataset Is Static

The main object in TIC does not contain a link to the original Excel file, Local Storage database, or Access database. If data changes in one of these original sources, the change is not reflected in either the main object in TIC or in the dataset in TIC.

Dataset Sharing/Visibility

The same sharing options you specify for the main object are applied to the dataset.

Note: If all connections in the cross-connection query are from Excel, Local Storage, or Access, then the data is published as a dataset only.


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