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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - Installation Guide

Object Explorer

You can view database objects for the current connection with the Object Explorer. This feature is useful for dragging and dropping database objects into an open Editor, Query Builder, or other document window. Right-click the objects in the Object Explorer to access additional features such as multiple tasks and actions.

To open the Object Explorer

  1. Select View | Object Explorer.
  2. Review the following for additional information:

    Schema (first field)

    Select the schema you want to view. You can filter the list of schemas that display. See Filter Databases and Objects for more information.

    Object Filter (second field)

    You can quickly set a filter in this field. To do so, enter a name or partial name of an object and press ENTER. Any advanced object filters you set display in this field.

    You can also perform advanced filtering based on case sensitivity, statistics, or other options. See Filter Databases and Objects for more information.

    Tip: You can enable an option to filter using regular expressions in Tools | Options | Explorer | General.

    Note: For tables and views, the columns, data types, and comments display at the bottom of this window.


  • To navigate to a previously selected object, click . You can also click to move to the next selected object.
  • To locate objects including procedures, functions, views, variable names and comments in an object's source code, use Object Search. See Search for Objects for more information.
  • To use a different method to select objects such as tabs, drop-downs, or a tree view, click .
  • To generate reports, export data, create SQL statements, or send objects to the Project Manager, SQL Modeler, or Master Detail windows, right-click the objects and select an option.
  • To open the Background Processes window and cancel a query, click the progress bar at the bottom of the window.


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