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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - Installation Guide

Default Account for Script Execution

When you publish an Automation script to Intelligence Central, you can select a user account to run the script. You can specify a specific user account or you can use the default user account to run the script. The default user account is the account under which the Toad Intelligence Central App Server (Toad Application Server) is currently running.

To learn how to specify or change the account used to run a script in Intelligence Central, see Publish Automation Scripts to Intelligence Central and Manage Automation Scripts in Intelligence Central.

Using the Default Account for Script Execution

For best results when using the default user (App Server) account to run scripts, give this account all the necessary permissions to successfully execute the scripts. Normally, the Intelligence Central App Server uses the server's Local System user account.

If it is not possible to grant the server's Local System account the necessary permissions to run all Automation scripts successfully, an alternative method is to run the App Server under another account that includes the correct permissions.

Changing the Account that Runs the Toad Application Server

If you use this method, configure all three of the following services: ToadBIAppServer, ToadIntelligenceCentral, and ToadIntelligenceCentralProxy.

Step 1: Change the account that runs the App Server

  1. Open the Windows Local Services manager (example in Windows 7 environment):

    Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services (Local)

  2. Or click the Start button, enter services.msc in the Search field, and press Enter.
  3. In the Services manager window, right-click ToadBIAppServer and select Properties.
  4. In the Properties dialog, select the Log On tab.
  5. Select This account and enter the user name and password for the alternative account with necessary permissions.
  6. Click OK to save your modifications and close the dialog.
  7. Repeat for Toad Intelligence Central and Toad Intelligence Central Proxy.
  8. Then restart each service to apply the changes.



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