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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - Installation Guide


A dataset in Toad Intelligence Central (TIC) is a table. A dataset is created by publishing data to TIC from a remote source (see Publish to Toad Intelligence Central). Once published, a dataset is no longer associated with the data source. Any changes to the source data are not reflected in the dataset.

The purpose of a dataset is to allow users to create user-owned tables for storing static data. You can, however, share datasets with other TIC users.

Data from the following sources is always published as a dataset: an Excel file, a Local Storage database, or an Access database. See Publishing from Excel or Local Storage for more information.

Note: This feature is available in the Toad Data Point Professional edition only and requires access to a Toad Intelligence Central server.

Using Datasets

To query a dataset

Use the following naming format when querying a dataset. (The data in a dataset is in a hidden table that uses this format.)


Example: data_susanb.MyFavDataset

Tip: To easily query a dataset, build a query in the Query Builder. The dataset table name will be included in the SQL.

Dataset Indexes

See Create/Drop Index for a TIC Object for information about dataset indexes.


Use the following operations (commands) from the Object Explorer toolbar or the right-click menu.

Operation Description
Click to modify sharing (visibility) options for the selected dataset. Specify Sharing and Manage Privileges for Objects
Click to add or delete tags for the selected snapshot. Alter Tags
Locks the selected dataset. Lock and Unlock Objects
Unlocks the selected dataset. Lock and Unlock Objects

Manage Privileges

Users with Manage privileges can do the following (unless the object is locked):

  • Lock the object
  • Drop the object
  • Modify the object's sharing options
  • Rename the object
  • (Automation scripts and Toad files) Edit the script or file
  • (Snapshot) Refresh snapshot or modify refresh schedule
  • (Automation scripts) Modify schedule
  • (Automation scripts) Change user account for script execution
  • (Views and Automation scripts) Modify the default value for a variable
  • (Data objects) Modify a shared (public) key password
  • (Views) Change the type of Authentication key
  • (Secured folders) Modify the folder's sharing and manage options
  • (Secured folders) Rename or delete the secured folder
  • (Secured folders) Create a subfolder

To see a comparison of dataset properties against other TIC objects, see Data Objects in Toad Intelligence Central.

Note: See Use Database Automation Activities to learn how to use the Execute Script activity in Automation to automate publishing data as a dataset to TIC.


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