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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - Installation Guide

Create/Drop Index for a TIC Object

You can create an index on a snapshot or a dataset when you publish these objects to Toad Intelligence Central. A single index is created on each of the columns you select. Any indexing on the remote objects is not inherited by the dataset.

Note: When you select multiple columns to index, a single index is created on each column. A composite index is not created.

To create indexes when publishing

  1. When publishing a data object, in the Publish to Intelligence Central dialog, click the Indexing Options link.
  2. Select the columns on which to create indexes. A key icon appears to the left of a column selected for indexing.

To create/drop indexes for an object in TIC

  1. In the Object Explorer, select the object in which you want to create or drop indexes.
  2. To create an index, click .
  3. To drop an index, click .


Note: There is a maximum index size (key length) of 1000 bytes.


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