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Toad Data Point 6.0.5 - Installation Guide

About Data Sources

Note: This feature is available in the Toad Data Point Professional edition only and requires access to a Toad Intelligence Central server.

A data source is added, or mapped, to a Toad Intelligence Central server when an object from that data source is published to the TIC server. See Publish to Toad Intelligence Central for more information.

A mapped Data Source in Toad Intelligence Central provides the connection to a remote data source. A remote source can be a traditional relational database, such as Oracle or SQL Server, or a non-traditional data source, such as OBIEE or Hive. Most remote data sources that you can connect to using Toad can be mapped as a data source in Intelligence Central. See the Toad Data Point Release Notes for a list of currently supported platforms.

Data Source Authentication

You can view or modify Authentication key information for a datasource using the Alter Authentication dialog.

Data source authentication is performed at the object level in Toad.

  • Views can have a personal Authentication key or a Shared (public) key. Snapshots have a Shared key.
  • If an object has been keyed with a personal Authentication key, each user must set an Authentication key by providing their personal credentials (user name and password) to the remote data source, before accessing that object.

To view or modify Authentication key

  1. In the Object Explorer, select an object and then click .
  2. See Alter Authentication for more information.

See User Authentication in Intelligence Central for more information about data source authentication.

Data Source Naming Format

An object's data source is displayed in the Alter Authentication dialog and in the Authentication Settings page of the Publishing dialog. Data source names use the following format.

<database abbrev>_<host>

example: Ora_MyServer

For SQL Server, Sybase, and MySQL, the database name is appended to the end.

<database abbrev>_<host>_<database name>

example: SS_MyServer_MyFavDatabase


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