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On Demand Global Settings Current - Security Guide

About On Demand Shared Services

Managing information system security is a priority for every organization. In fact, the level of security provided by software vendors has become a differentiating factor for IT purchase decisions. Quest strives to meet standards designed to provide its customers with their desired level of security as it relates to privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability.

This document describes the security features of Quest On Demand core services such as the On Demand Notification Service and other shared services. This includes access control, protection of customer data, secure network communication, and cryptographic standards.

About On Demand Core

On Demand Core is a cloud-based service that provides core services to other Quest Software as a Service (SaaS) product solutions.

The core services provided are as follows:

The majority of these services are delivered through Microsoft Azure cloud services. The exception being the user interface, which is delivered using Amazon Web Services CDN network.

About the On-Premises Agent

The Quest On Demand On-Premises Agent provides On Demand connectivity to on-premises Active Directory domains in hybrid environments to perform management activities such as modifying group memberships and collecting Active Directory object attribute data. All On-Premises Agent communication with On Demand is secured by means of a MQTT-based Shared Access Signature (SAS) token authenticated connection.

For more information about adding and configuring the On-Premises Hybrid Agent, see the “Adding an on-premises agent” section of the Quest On Demand Global Settings User Guide.

About the Notification Service

On Demand Notification Service (ODNS) is a cloud based service that provides core services to other Quest Software as a Service (SaaS) product solutions. The core service provided is email notifications. Every email sent by the Notification Service is scanned for viruses and malware.

This service is delivered via Amazon Web Services.

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