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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - User Guide

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View Jobs in Lists

You can view information about all SQL Server jobs and Windows tasks for a selected server. You can also configure Job Manager to view each step in a job, and the execution history.

To view a job/task in a list

  1. Select the Job Manager pane (CTRL+5).
  2. Select a server in the Agent Jobs tab or in the Windows Tasks tab.
  3. Review the following for additional information:



    Job Name

    Displays the name of the job. The icon before the job name indicates the application that created it:

    - Native SQL Server

    - LiteSpeed

    - Maintenance Plans

    - Alert

    - Unknown application or Toad


    Displays the schedule and indicates whether the job/task runs only once, runs on a regular basis, or starts automatically.

    Last Result

    Displays the status for the last job/task run as follows:

    - This job/task has never run.

    - Last job/task successfully ran.

    - Last job/task failed. 

    Note: Jobs are grouped by instance name. Tasks are grouped by server name.

  4. To view job steps and execution history, configure Job Manager. For more information, see Job Manager Options.
  5. If you configured Job Manager to display history on demand, click Show History to view information about each step in the job's execution.

TIP: Right-click a job/task to start or stop it, create a new job/task, or perform other functions.


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