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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - User Guide

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Smart Cleanup Backup Files

Use this task to remove backup files with LiteSpeed Smart Cleanup Policies technology

To clean up backup files with SmartCleanup

  1. Drag the Smart Cleanup Backup Files task to the Design pane.

  2. Double-click the task and review the following for additional information:

    Databases Select databases to apply SmartCleanup
    Define the locations to cleanup Only the defined locations will be used to cleanup
    • Folders (disk)
    • Bucket and folder (cloud)
    • Object path (TSM)

    Cleanup options

    The Cleanup options include:

    • Clean up full/differential backups older than 28 (default) days
    • Clean up transaction logs older than 7 (default) days.
    • Do not delete if archive bit is set.

For more information, refer toSmart Cleanup Policies.

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