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KACE Systems Deployment Appliance 9.1 Common Documents - Administrator Guide

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Change a default theme for the appliance

Change a default theme for the appliance

In a default installation, the Administration Console appears in a default Light theme for every user that logs in. You can change the default theme for the appliance, and any available RSAs, if needed. For example, if your account is configured to display the Dark theme, and the appliance uses the Light theme, the login screen uses the white background.

On the left navigation pane, click Settings to expand the section, then click General Settings.
On the General Settings page that appears, under Themes, click Default appliance theme, and choose one of the following options: Light, Hybrid, or Dark.
When you choose the Light or Hybrid theme as the default appliance theme, the login page appears with a white background. A dark background is applied when the Dark theme is applied as the default appliance theme. The color of the login screen always reflects the configured appliance theme, not the theme associated with your user account. For example, if you choose the Dark theme in the Administration Console, this theme becomes associated with your user account and is applied each time you log in. However if the appliance uses the Light theme by default, your login screen always appears with a white background. After a successful login, the Dark theme is applied.
Optional: Click Cancel to close the page.
Click Save.

The default theme is applied. Users can also associate a different theme with their account, if the default appliance theme does not suit their needs. For more information, see Log in to the Administrator Console.

Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of the appliance activity, links to common tasks, and the Library resources. It also provides alerts and links to news and Knowledge Base articles. You can customize the Dashboard to show or hide widgets as needed.

Customize the Dashboard

Customize the Dashboard

You can customize the Dashboard to add widgets as needed.

Click the Customize button in the top-right corner of the page to view the available widgets.
Click Install to show a widget that is currently hidden.

Configuring the appliance

The initial appliance network settings require a monitor and keyboard. After you connect the appliance to your network, you can change the default passwords, link appliances, aggregate links, set the data sharing preferences, and other settings.

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