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vRanger 7.8 - Installation/Upgrade Guide

Introduction Before you install System requirements and compatibility Installing vRanger Upgrading vRanger

Supported file systems

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Windows® virtual machines (VMs)
Linux® virtual machines (VMs)



Feature-level requirements

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Standard backup, restore, and replication

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System requirements and compatibility > Supported platforms > Standard backup, restore, and replication

The VM hardware cannot be changed during replication. For this reason, the VM must be at a hardware version level that is compatible with both the source and target servers. The VMware® ESXi™ version of the source and target hosts does not matter, as long as the VM hardware is supported on both ESXi versions. For more information on VM hardware versions and compatibility, see the VMware documentation at

Physical backup and restore

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Ensure that the physical server is running a supported operating system. Refer to Supported platforms for physical machine backup for more information.
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