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Stat 6.3 - Web User Guide

Running jobs

The Jobs tab displays a list of all the jobs that have been defined for the Stat® Central Agent. The Agent processes the jobs according to the schedule defined in the Jobs Maintenance table, but from here you can manually run the jobs you want.

Click Job Monitor in the user account drop-down menu.
Open the Jobs tab.
Click Run Selected. The Stat Central Agent processes the selected jobs and updates the Jobs tab with the latest information.

Viewing logs

Each time a serious or potentially serious error is encountered by the Stat® Central Agent, it logs the error to the database. The Logs tab provides you with a list of error logs generated by Stat Central Agent for the current day.

For each error log, the tab displays the date and time it was entered, as well as the service domain, ID number, class, description, and status of the job.

Click Job Monitor in the user account drop-down menu.
Open the Logs tab.

Filtering and sorting jobs and logs

You can filter the information displayed in the Job Monitor window so that only the jobs or logs you want to view are displayed. Once you have specified filter settings, you can enable and disable the filter as needed.

You can also sort the information clicking column headings. By default, information is displayed in ascending order. When you click a column heading, the information is sorted in descending order based on the values displayed in that column. Clicking a column heading a second time sorts the information back in ascending order.

Filters can be based on service domain and job class. In the case of the Schedule tab, you can also base a filter on status and the date the jobs are scheduled to be processed.

Click in the Service Domain, Job Class, or (in the case of the Schedule tab) Status field and select the values you want to use as the basis for the filter. For example, in the Job Class field, select RptPrint if you only want to view Print Report jobs.
In the case of the Schedule tab, click the calendar icon, and in the Calendar box, select the date of the job schedule you want to view. You can only select the current and future dates. Note that when you view jobs scheduled for a future date, the skip jobs functionality is disabled.
In the case of the Logs tab, specify a start date, an end date, or both. For example, if you only want to view logs that were generated after April 1, 2004, activate the From field and enter 04/01/2004, or use the Calendar box and select the date. Logs generated before that date will be filtered from view.
Optionally, click Enable Filter Options to filter the information in the tab page with the settings you just specified.
Optionally, click Hide Filter Options to remove the filter options from view.

Showing job and log details

To view more information about a job or log, click the link in the Job Description column. In the Schedule and Jobs tabs, this opens the Job Details pop-up window, which shows the owner of the job, its priority, and additional parameters. In the Logs tab, this opens the Log Details pop-up window, which shows the individual entries for that log.

To close a Details window, click the Hide Details link for individual jobs or logs, or click the Hide Details button, which closes all open Details windows.

The Job Details window displays different information about a job depending on the tab from which it is opened. When opened from the Jobs tab, the Job Details window displays the same information about a job as it does when opened from the Schedule tab, however, from the Jobs tab, the window also shows the weekly processing schedule of the job. Job Details windows feature links that let you open the other Details windows for the same job in different tabs.


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