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Stat 6.3 - Web User Guide

Viewing CSR log files

The Log window displays all the logs that have been added to the CSR, either by the user or automatically by Stat® when it sends or receives an email associated with the CSR, or when the CSR lock is overridden.

With proper security rights, you can modify the text and topic value of your own logs as well as logs written by other users after the logs are saved. However, you cannot delete logs once they are saved, and you cannot modify system-generated logs.

Click Logs section.
Click New Log.
In the Topic field, assigned a topic to the log topic.
Optionally, select the Confidential option.
In the Details field, enter the contents of the log.
Click Create.


CSR History

Viewing CSR change history

As a CSR moves from one stage to another during its life cycle, many of its values are changed and updated. The History window maintains a record of these changes, allowing you to determine which values were changed, when, and by whom.

The History window records:

Changes to the information displayed in the Description and Resolution fields. To view changes to the contents of the Description and Resolution fields, select the History row. Details of the changes will be displayed on the bottom of the window.
Whenever objects associated with the CSR (if any) are added, locked, unlocked, reserved, or removed. To view detailed information, click a record labeled Object Activity. This information will be displayed on the bottom of the window. For each activity, the window displays the type of activity, the object name and type, the environment the object is located in, and the developer who initiated the action.


CSR Migration Path

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