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NetVault 13.1.2 - Built-in Plug-ins User Guide


About Quest® NetVault®

About Quest® NetVault®

The built-in plug-ins are packaged with the Quest® NetVault® (NetVault) software, and automatically installed on the respective machines when you install the NetVault Server or Client software. A standard installation of NetVault includes the following built-in plug-ins.

Quest NetVault Plug-in for FileSystem (Plug-in for FileSystem): The Plug-in for FileSystem increases confidence in the recoverability of critical file system data and eliminates the need for writing complex backup and recovery scripts. Through an intuitive user interface and automated workflow process, the plug-in offers a centralized console to set up, configure, and create flexible backup policies that account for multiple recovery scenarios. Support for Full, Incremental, and Differential Backups allows you to choose a preferred backup strategy. The plug-in minimizes downtime by allowing you to restore full volumes, individual partitions, or individual directories and files quickly and reliably with minimal interaction. Through automatic integration with a wide range of backup devices, you can be confident that your data is protected and safely stored off-site to meet your disaster recovery and business continuity goals.
Quest NetVault Plug-in for Consolidation (Plug-in for Consolidation): The Plug-in for Consolidation lets you create a composite saveset by combining a Full Backup and its associated Incremental Backups. You can use this consolidated saveset as the base for subsequent Incremental Backups. For example, after an initial Full Backup, you can schedule Incremental Backups from Monday to Friday, and schedule a backup consolidation job on Saturday. You can use the consolidated backup created on Saturday as the base for next week's Incremental Backups. The Plug-in for Consolidation does not back up data from a client; it just creates a composite set from existing savesets.
Quest NetVault Plug-in for Data Copy (Plug-in for Data Copy): The Plug-in for Data Copy lets you create one or more copies of backups for off-site storage and disaster recovery purposes. You can schedule jobs to copy or migrate data at convenient off-peak hours, and thus shrink your backup windows. The Plug-in for Data Copy does not back up data from a client; it just creates a copy of an existing backup.
Quest NetVault Plug-in for Databases (Plug-in for Databases): The Plug-in for Databases protects system data (such as configuration files, system settings, backup indexes, backup media information, job schedule, licenses, and other data) stored in the NetVault Database. You can use this backup to recover a functional NetVault Server after a failure.
Quest NetVault Plug-in for Encryption (Plug-in for Encryption): This plug-in provides support for CAST-128, CAST-256, non FIPS compliant AES-256, and FIPS compliant AES-256 algorithms to meet regulatory backup security requirements.
Quest NetVault Plug-in for Raw Devices (Plug-in for Raw Devices): The Plug-in for Raw Devices protects data stored on physical disks. The plug-in lets you recover the Master Boot Record (MBR), system partitions, and individual user partitions from a point-and-click user interface without writing any complex scripts.
Quest NetVault Plug-in for Rapid Data Access (Plug-in for RDA): The Plug-in for RDA lets you use the client-side and inline deduplication capabilities that are available in other products, such as the Quest DR Series system of deduplication appliances and the software-defined Quest QoreStor™ storage devices (Linux only).

About this document

This guide provides information about configuring and using the following plug-ins:

Plug-in for Consolidation
Plug-in for Data Copy
Plug-in for Databases
Plug-in for Raw Devices

For information about using the Plug-in for FileSystem, see the Quest NetVault Plug-in for FileSystem User’s Guide.

Target audience

This guide is intended for backup administrators and other technical personnel who are responsible for designing and implementing a backup strategy for the organization. A good understanding of the operating systems under which the NetVault Server and Clients are running is assumed.

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