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Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 - Requirements


  • Domino versions for Migrator to Notes Installation 12, 11, 10, 9.0.1, 8.5 are supported.

  • Domino versions for mail files 12, 11, 10, 9.0.1, 8.5, 8, 7, 6.5 are supported.

  • The Notes ID used to sign the Migrator for Notes database requires Domino server security rights to run agents. This can be updated on the Domino Server document Security tab.

Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft Exchange versions Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013 are supported

  • MAPI must be enabled on the target mailbox.

  • Outlook desktop integration must be allowed for migration accounts and target mailboxes.

  • If migrating to Exchange 2013 or higher or Office 365, the privilege level required to migrate user mailboxes is Full Access.

  • If migrating to Exchange 2013, you must ensure that the migration workstation(s) being used have Outlook 2013 (32-bit).

  • MAPI over HTTP should be enabled on the Exchange server for migrations. RPC is no longer supported by the migration engine.

  • The migration engine utilizes MAPI over HTTP and performs an Autodiscover lookup to identify the target mailbox on Exchange (or Office 365). For this to function properly, all DNS configuration must be completed following Microsoft’s best practices for Autodiscover with a CNAME record added for the Autodiscover domain(s).

  • Exchange should be updated to the current patch levels, at the time of this product release. 


Be sure that enough disk space is available on the destination Exchange servers.


Office 365 Migration Requirements

There are additional requirements for the use of Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Modern Authentication for the Migration Controller and Migration Workers.

The target tenant does require Modern Authentication to be enabled to use this migration processing.

The following software is required on the Migration Control Center to allow the operator to use PowerShell related agents in the Notes Migrator.nsf database with Modern Authentication:

  • Windows Management Framework 5.1 (PowerShell 5.1)

  • Microsoft Graph PowerShell Module

  • Microsoft ExchangeOnlineManagement Module (V3 required for WinRM without ‘Basic’ setting)

  • Microsoft Azure AD Application (Client) ID for Microsoft Graph

  • Microsoft Identity Client PowerShell Module

  • .Net 4.7.1 or .Net 4.8

  • TLS 1.2 enabled for .Net Framework

  • MSAL PowerShell Module

Migration Worker Requirements:

  • Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2019 (Outlook 2013 is not supported for migrations with Modern Authentication)

  • Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10

  • Outlook profile configured for the worker migration account and named Migrate


With the change to support MAPI over HTTP, the migration engine performs a DNS lookup to identify the target mailbox and configure the mail profile. For this to function properly, all DNS must be completed following Microsoft’s best practices for the MS365 tenant. Below is a link to a Microsoft support document for how to create the DNS entries for MS365. For the DNS action performed by the Migration engine, a CNAME record for Autodiscover needs to be created for all primary SMTP domains pointing to the MS365 Autodiscover A record.

For Office 365 migrations the Migrator for Notes system is supported for building a migration staging farm in Microsoft Azure. It is recommended for Azure system builds that the Azure environment be created in the same location as the target mailboxes where possible to allow for best migration throughput processing. For information on the use of the Azure platform at the operating system level please refer to Microsoft documentation.

Third party online hosting platforms such as Amazon AWS can be used but are not covered by Product Support. These are not recommended as there can be negative impacts to migration throughput (speed).

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For migration system upgrades, please see Upgrading a Migration Farm section of the Installation and Configuration Guide.

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Multi-Factor Authentication is not supported.


Section 4. Onsite System Administrator

An onsite Domino System Administrator should be available to provide assistance with the Notes ID, Server Connection Documents, Mail-in Database Documents, signing of the Migrator for Notes database and any other system or network tasks. As indicated above, proper access rights are necessary for the migration to be performed and an onsite System Administrator can help ensure the migration completes in a timely fashion.


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