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Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 - Requirements

Migration Account Permission Requirements

  • There are two accounts used on the migration workstations for the actual migration of data: Exchange migration account and the Notes ID.

Exchange Migration Account:

  • Must be a mailbox enabled user object

  • Password should be set to never expire

  • Must be used to log into each of the migration worker machines

  • Is set to have Full Access to Exchange mailboxes during the Provisioning process


When multiple migration workstations are configured, several Migration accounts can be used and configured individually for migration workstations. This can be used to minimize the impact of Exchange or Office 365 throttling policies.

Notes Migration ID:

  • Must have Manager Access to all mail files being migrated

    • Manager Access allows you to migrate unread marks and update source file ACL

  • Must be configured on each of the migration worker machines

  • Must be used to perform the Mail File Audit

  • For the person(s) performing the migration process there are two accounts to consider when performing migrations: The Active Directory account (or Office 365 Administration account) that is logged into the machine being used and the Notes ID that is being used to access the Migrator for Notes Domino application.

Active Directory Migration Operator Requirements:

(PS represents PowerShell and ADO represents direct calls to Active Directory):

  • Ability to run Exchange PowerShell scripts (either remote or local to the workstation), generally the Exchange roles Organization and Recipient Management (PS)

  • Ability to manipulate user objects, specifically modify the targetAddress, proxyaddresses, mail and msExchPoliciesExcluded attributes (ADO)

  • Ability to delete contact objects created by the directory synchronization process (ADO)

  • Ability to create and modify Mail Contact objects (PS)

Notes Migration Operator ID Requirements:

  • Manager with Delete access to the Notes Migrator.nsf Domino application database (EMM).

  • Manager access to all mail files.

  • Editor access to the Domino Directory

  • The Person Modifier Role is required to set the Mail Forwarding in the Domino directory

  • Right to issue console replication commands to Domino Mail and Staging server(s)

  • Right to create new replicas on Domino Staging server(s)

  • Right to create new databases on Domino Staging server(s) (required for Rooms and Resources migration)

  • Domino server security rights to run agents

Delegation Migration Requirements

Delegation Migration Requirements    

The following is required if using Access and Delegation Migration.

  • PowerShell 4.0 or 5.0 must be installed on workstations used for delegation migration, and on the Domino server if access delegation will be run as a scheduled agent on the server (this requirement is only for running scheduled agents in the local notes workspace)

  • When running delegation locally as a scheduled agent, the following conditions must be met:

    • Enable local scheduled agents must be set in the Notes Preferences of the workstation

    • A replica of the EMM database must be located under the workstations Notes data directory

    • The workstation and Notes client must be running for a locally scheduled agent to run

    • An Exchange or Office 365 account with the Application Impersonation role for access to the CAS Server and EWS

Ports and Endpoints

General Requirements:

  • DNS (Port 53) for workstation name and autodiscover resolution

  • Windows Active Directory for workstation login processing (Service overview and network port requirements for Windows)

  • Microsoft SQL Server (Ports 1433, 1434) for back end database access (Migration Controller only)

  • IIS Web Server access (Port 80) for Migration Worker communication to the Migration Controller


The IIS server on the Migration Controller is only used for connectivity between Notes and the Migration Workers to the SQL backend server. This does not require direct exposure to the Internet.

HCL Domino Requirements:

  • Domino server access for mail files and the Notes Migrator.nsf (Port 1352)

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365:

  • Port requirements are available in the ‘NM: What ports need to be open for Notes Migrator?’ Knowledgebase article.


Microsoft requirements for port connectivity to Exchange and Office 365 should be followed. This is provided by Microsoft in their online documentation.

Microsoft 365 endpoints

The following service endpoints are required for Exchange and Office 365 connectivity:

  • Autodiscover

  • MAPI

  • OutlookService

  • PowerShell

  • REST

  • EWS

  • RPC


For Office 365 the endpoint connectivity can vary for regional data centers. Microsoft provide details for endpoints in their online documentation which should be verified for the target tenant location.


For Office 365 Multi-Geo tenants the accounts used for Migration workers must be in the same locations as the target mailboxes to be migrated.

Proxy Servers:

Migrator for Notes will utilize the default browser proxy configuration where this is configured on Migration Controllers or Migration Workers.

Proxy auto configuration files are not supported, the proxy has to be directly configured for the default workstation browser.


Based on experience, the use of Proxy Servers does impact on the migration throughput (speed). It is recommended where possible to avoid the use of proxy connections to the target system and to exclude communications between the Migration Controller and Migration Workers from using proxy servers.


Setup and configuration of Proxy Servers is not covered by Product Support

Section 3. Supporting Source and Target Platforms


  • Domino versions for Migrator to Notes Installation 12, 11, 10, 9.0.1, 8.5 are supported.

  • Domino versions for mail files 12, 11, 10, 9.0.1, 8.5, 8, 7, 6.5 are supported.

  • The Notes ID used to sign the Migrator for Notes database requires Domino server security rights to run agents. This can be updated on the Domino Server document Security tab.

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