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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Reports User Guide

Upgrading MessageStats Overview Typical MessageStats Upgrade Scenarios Moving the MessageStats Database Moving and Upgrading MessageStats Moving Custom Reports and Report Subscriptions Viewing, Creating, and Editing MessageStats Reports My Reports and Corporate Reports Exchange Executive Summaries Reports Exchange Organizations Reports Exchange Server Reports Exchange Content Analysis Reports Exchange Mailboxes Reports Exchange Mail Contacts Reports Exchange Distribution Groups Reports Exchange Public Folders Reports Exchange Storage Reports Exchange Internet Reports Exchange Inventory Reports Migration Reports MessageStats Gathering Reports Appendix A: How to Read the Reports Report Filter Definitions

Specifying the Filters to Apply

Click Next on the Fields page of the Web Report Wizard.
Click Add New Filter to define additional filters.
Click Remove Filters.

Grouping the Data

Click Next on the Filter page of the Web Report Wizard.

Specifying the Sort Order

Click Next on the Group page of the Web Report Wizard.
Click Add New Sort Key to define additional sort keys.
Click Remove Sort Keys.

Selecting the Report Format

Click Next on the Sort page of the Web Report Wizard.
Click Advanced Summary Calculations to have summary information on your report.
Select Paginated to paginate the report.
Select the Show quick filter bar check box to display quick filters at the bottom of the custom report.

The Advanced Summary Calculations option allows you to select appropriate summaries for your report. You can only select summary calculations that are appropriate to the selected field type.

For example, you cannot select Total for a date field type, nor can you select Average for an alpha-numeric field type.

Click Advanced Summary Calculations on the Format page.
To view a detailed report, select the Show detail records check box. Otherwise, the result is a summary report.
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