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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Deployment Guide

MessageStats Architecture Overview Planning for Deployment Deployment Recommendations and Solutions

Deployment Recommendations and Solutions

Deploying MessageStats in Small or Large Installations

Depending on the size of your Exchange deployment and whether it is situated in one geographic location or in several locations, you must determine whether to install MessageStats on a single server or on several servers.

Single Geographic Location

For a small-to-medium business that has its messaging system in a single location, the number of report consumers, either direct or indirect, is usually low. In this case, you can install all the MessageStats components on a single server. If the gatherings take longer than 24 hours, then you can install additional Task Execution Servers on other computers to reduce gathering times.

If your Exchange environment is in a single geographic location, you can install MessageStats on a single server or distribute MessageStats components on more than one server, depending on the number of mailboxes.

This scenario applies to distributed locations where the locations are connected through internal networks with no firewalls between them. The largest location is considered the central location. You can install the MessageStats Scheduler Service, the MessageStats Database, at least one Task Execution Server, and MessageStats Reports on this computer.

For smaller locations, identify the locations that share similar connectivity. If some locations share a common pipe back to the central location, install an additional Task Execution Server to improve gathering performance. Locations must have a reasonable connection to the MessageStats database. If the database connection is poor, you can install multiple Task Execution Servers in that location.

Multiple Geographic Locations

You can distribute your task processors on different servers if your Exchange environment is distributed across more than one geographic location. A server on which task processors are installed is known as a task execution server.

It is recommended that you run the Tracking Log Gathering task on the task execution server that is closest to the MessageStats database server. Tracking logs should be compressed. Run all other gatherings on the task execution server closest to the Exchange environment.

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